Advancing Underappreciated Technologies

At RAD Seattle, we advance Underappreciated Technologies by identifying new markets, applications, and customers.

What’s an Underappreciated Technology™?

An Underappreciated Technology™ is a technology typically located near the beginning of the technology adoption life cycle with unrealized demand due to identifiable factors. These factors are dynamic and may include product market fit, strategy execution, knowledge asymmetries, and messaging.

What does RAD Seattle do?

At RAD Seattle, we help Underappreciated Technology™ companies by addressing one or more of the identifiable factors to satisfy unrealized demand. This enables us to build and operate a reliable sales engine that can be validated and integrated over time.

No-Code Tools 

Fintech & Startup Funding

Network & Data Science

Darian Parrish,

Darian spends his time mixing business and science, building companies at the intersection of technology and finance. At RAD Seattle, Darian is particularly interested in identifying underappreciated technologies that make it easier to build software.

Rex Hughes,

Since the early .com era, Rex has founded and directed numerous pioneering business, government, and academic Internet ventures in the US and abroad. At RAD Seattle, Rex is particularly interested in identifying underappreciated technologies that make remote work more productive and enjoyable.

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